dental services

The dentists, hygienists, and caring workforce at Somersert West Dental use the most recent technological innovation to create stunning and healthy smiles! We are pleased to provide our individuals the next dental providers within a pleasant and at ease surroundings.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is manufactured from 2 or more crowns for the teeth on both side of the gap. These kinds of or even additional anchoring teeth are referred to as abutment teeth along with a false tooth or teeth in in between. These false teeth are called pontics and will be created from alloys, gold, porcelain, or maybe a combination of those materials. Tooth bridges are sustained by normal teeth or teeth implants.

Dental Implants

A dentistry implant is really a titanium (silver colored metal, very low thickness and very high strength) “screw” which will artificially exchange the actual root a part of an nonexistent natural tooth. It’s actually anchored right into a pre-drilled socket in your jaw-bone to guide a tooth crown, a dentistry bridge or perhaps fasten a denture properly in place. Tooth implants are produced from titanium, a metal that’s well tolerated by bone and combines with ease along with jaw-bone tissues. During the placement of a tooth augmentation, the target should be to achieve a close in proximity contact between your exterior surface of the dental implant along with the encircling jaw-bone tissues to allow them to “merge” together getting a strong reinforce for ones new teeth.

Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene consultations are critical to your mouth and common wellbeing. Through your consultation, which will ordinarily final Forty-five minutes, our oral hygienist provides your teeth an expert strong clean to get rid of plaque,calculus and stains. Gum ailment would be the most typical illness while in the human body. First signs and symptoms include things like lousy breath and unpleasant, swollen or bleeding gums. With remedy it may possibly be managed, but when left untreated it can inevitably result in tooth loss. Professional Oral hygiene cleanings certainly are a critical part of successful prevention and remedy of gum disorder and play a vital part in assisting your home care routine.


Orthodontics relates to the focus of dental treatment specifically associated with the management of unbalanced bites plus not straight teeth. Having an orthodontic surgery can help address the patient’s teeth and set them within the proper position. Orthodontic dentists normally make use of braces for your teeth plus clear aligners to line a person’s teeth. It is recommended that your little one pay us a visit for an orthodontic check-up by age eight. This is important seeing that a few orthodontic difficulties might be better to correct if it is identified earlier.

Teeth Whitening

Smiles are globally realized in just about every language. Here at Somerset West Dental, we know that at times tiny details can make a major distinction. Getting a great smile, totally free from unsightly stains and also yellowing is a symbol of youth, health and will increase your self-esteem. Our dental hygienist, presents bespoke care to make sure that your smile ideal displays your character and increases your self-assurance so that you won’t be capable to quit smiling. We only use the top good quality tooth whitening items and technologies. Irrespective of whether you selected to complete a professional in-office tooth whitening session or a professional at your house tooth whitening kit, we will make sure that your smile will shine happier and more radiant than previously.


Tooth veneers is usually produced from porcelain or from plastic resin composite components. Porcelain veneers reject marks improved than plastic resin veneers and much better mimic light reflecting properties of pure teeth. Resin veneers are slimmer and need removal of much less of the tooth surface before placement. You are going to need to go over the ideal alternative of veneer material for you with your dentist.